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“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow.” — Kurt Vonnegut


“We have art in order not to die of the truth.”  Frederick Nietzsche


These quotes describe why I play with watercolor.  I drew daily when I was in grade school and in junior high school.  Then I got busy with studies, college and children, and set art interests aside to be a working wife and mother.  Later as I became a working single mother, there was even less time for practicing art, though I would stay up late at night to “play” with various art projects.  I learned copper cloisone enameling, made jewelry, and taught myself a version of weaving with a handmade back-strap loom, using found objects from the Montana forests and rivers as part of the weaving. 

After my children were grown, I began to long to learn to watercolor paint.  I never had any interest in other painting media, watercolor always appeals because of its versatility, transparency and forgiving quality.  Nearing retirement, I took an adult education class in Butte and began painting from the basics learned there.  I bought books and videos, and later learned to find tutorials on YouTube. I began taking photos with plans to paint the scenes, and had a solo photography show several years ago.

 I did not paint regularly, and would go for years without painting, but have been practicing regularly for the past few years.  I have taken workshops from some very fine watercolorists and teachers such as Joan McKasson, Rise Parberry, Julie Anderson and Doris Rice in San Diego, and from Gary Spetz in Montana.  I am a member of the Montana Watercolor Society.  For the past few years, I have been mentored by JoAnne Magnan Welch and I practice regularly.  I believe painting is a way of communicating with others around me, and does, indeed, make the soul grow. I participated in a show with Joan Borneman in the summer of 2015, “The two Joans’” Watercolor Show in Anaconda. I continue to display my paintings whenever the chance comes up.  I use them to beautify my small hometown in several empty buildings.  


I live in Anaconda, Montana and am surrounded by endless beauty to challenge my abilities for a lifetime.

You can reach me at or 406-491-0278 for special orders, questions or other information.  Thanks for visiting my studio.







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